Travel in Italy with Me

Ciao! I’m Matteo, your Tour Leader

I come from Pesaro, a nice coastal city in north of Marche.

In 2009, after I’ve graduated I left Italy to live in China. What was planned to be a 6 month experience became a 10 year life cycle.

In China I worked in Wine Business and in Advertising for a famous American company, however every summer I yearned for my place in Le Marche.

I missed beach parties, delicious food, al fresco dinners, fascinating historical reenactments. In one word: Peace.

As I finally moved back in Italy, I decided to let others experience Le Marche the same way as a local, hence That’s Marche Tour Operator was born!

Why travel in Italy with me

Have you ever traveled to a foreign country to meet your friend living there? if you did, you know exactly how nice it is!

You enjoy more your holiday because you won’t experience the hassle of organizing everything! your friend did it for you.

You will avoid all tourist traps while discovering the genuine places where locals go. Because your friend will bring you there!

And how to communicate with locals? English might be the world language, but not everyone knows it! Thankfully your friend will help you!

That is exactly how I want you to feel!

  • I speak fluently English and Chinese
  • I know and can suggest you beautiful locations and hidden “jewels”
  • I can introduce you to the local culture 
  • I can bring you to discover the food & wine treasures of Le Marche

In short: I’m your local friend that can bridge the gap between you and Italian culture!