Your Tour Leader

Ciao! I’m Matteo

I come from Pesaro, a nice coastal city in north of Marche. In 2009, after I’ve graduated I left Italy to live in China. What was planned to be a 6 month experience became a 10 year life cycle! I worked in Wine Business and more recently in Advertising for a famous American company.

I’m a certified WSET advanced wine taster, a silly creative, an amateur Lindy Hopper and a professional nerd. 😉

How it all came to be…

Back to the roots

As  fellow citizen of a metropolis, I know what life is about there: It’s a concrete jungle, pollution, fast and frenetic life and stress!

Every year I yearned for my place, Italian summer in Marche means beach parties, delicious food, al fresco dinners, fascinating historical reenactments. In one word: Peace.

As I finally decided to move back in Italy, I decided to let others experience the Marche the same way as a local, hence That’s Marche!

Hop in and lets go visit this beautiful region with me!

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